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Welcome to Eljay Health & Safety Services Ltd


You already know how important health and safety is to you and your business. You probably also know just how much time and money can be taken up in organising adequate health and safety solutions to meet your requirements.


Indeed with all the new and amended health and safety legislation that keeps appearing and the extra demands that places on you it must sometimes feel that there is not enough time and money available to maintain the success and survival of your own business.


Then there is the concern of knowing where to obtain the services you need and knowing whether the service you are being sold is the right one or whether it just happens to be the one that the service provider has available at the time.


Do you know?

  • What your health and safety obligations are?

  • What needs to be done within your organisation to meet your obligations?

  • Where to go to get appropriate and credible advice?

  • What a fair price is for good health and safety advice and assistance?

  • Whether the health and safety service you currently receive or are being sold is the right one for your situation?


To learn more about block management issues visit the website of the Association of Residential Managing Agents, ARMA click here

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Heath & Safety

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Asbestos Management



Environmental Management

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Gas Installation Assessments

Building & Plumbing

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