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Save time and money

The simple objective of Eljay Health & Safety Services Ltd is to let you get on with running your business whilst we do the legwork and spend the time on locating and sourcing the most suitable and cost effective health and safety services for your approval.

Eljay Health & Safety Services Ltd do not actually undertake any consultancy work ourselves. We work with you and advise you with regard to what your health and safety obligations and requirements are.

We discuss and agree with you the solutions that best meet your policies and criteria whilst satisfying your legal requirements.

We then use our knowledge of the market to find the right service that meets YOUR requirements at the right price.

We have access to many professional organisations that can provide the services you need. Because we have access to a range of services from a number of different companies we can give you a choice and make sure that what you get is what you actually need rather than what someone wants you to have.

You can get on with what you do best which is running your own business. Eljay Health & Safety Services Ltd will research the market and locate suitable service providers that can provide you with the service most suited to your requirements. Wherever possible you will be presented with a choice of service providers together with recommendations from which you decide who you want to work with.

Once you have approved the use of a service provider Eljay Health & Safety Services Ltd will obtain on your behalf quotations for the required services for your approval. At no time does work proceed until you have given the go ahead.

In fact you simply get on with running your business whilst we take care of finding the health and safety services you need at the best price.

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